Tim and Sandy

Tim and Sandy

“We have to run!” Tim shouted at her. Sandy was already out of breath, but put her head down and pushed on with a bit more speed. They had not been running long, but, admittedly, she was not in quite the shape she had been a few years ago.

Even a week earlier, she could not have predicted that she would be here now, naked as the day she was born, running through a field of snow in a panic. Tim clutched her hand tightly, not exactly pulling her along, just making sure she was with him.

“They’re going to hunt us,” he said, a little quieter than he last shout. “I heard them say they like to give us a head start, maybe a few minutes, and then they come.” Tim looked around frantically, then pointed off to their left. “There! The trees!”

Sandy looked where he was pointing and saw them. It wasn’t much, no more than a few acres, but definitely better than the wide open field they were in now. Her feet were starting to get cold. The rest of her was too, being naked in the snow, but not as much as she might have thought. The running was probably helping with that, keeping most of her warm but for the extremities.

She pulled to the left, heading toward the trees, and Tim followed her line. “Will you be able to make a fire?” Sandy asked.

“A small one, perhaps. Too big and it will give away our position. But as it gets darker the smoke will be harder to see, and we’ll need it more and more.” Tim nodded, though she wasn’t looking at his face. “We’ll have a fire, definitely.”

They made it to the trees just as Sandy’s feet were getting numb. Luckily the the branches had blocked most of the snow from reaching the ground, and the fallen needles provided a soft and almost pleasant footing. Once they were inside, Tim pulled at her.

“This way. They’ll have seen our tracks coming in here, we need to lose them.”

“OK honey,” Sandy said. “My feet are starting to get numb.” Tim nodded at that.

Another hundred yards and they were deep into the wood. Tim pulled her to a stop and took her in his arms, gently bringing her to the ground. With a deft hand he pulled her feet just behind his knees and squatted down, pinning them in a nook of shocking warmth. Her hands he took between his own, blowing gently to bring the feeling back to them.

Sandy looked up at him appreciatively. Her breasts were hanging toward her side, and Tim leaned down to kiss the left one (always just a little bigger) tenderly. He had his quirks, but Sandy always felt safe with him, even now in this ridiculous situation.

He kept her warm, or at least not uncomfortably cold, until dusk, when he went in search of dry wood. She watched intently as he built a small fire, spinning a pointed stick to create enough friction to set a few dry needles alight.

A few minutes later there was a small, but stable and, best of all, warm fire next to them. Tim leaned back, satisfied, and his erection cast a shadow across Sandy’s body, which sent a pulse of relief through her.

Sandy was more than willing to play along. Sometimes it was zombies, sometimes nuclear war. Today it had been crazed hunters or something. She didn’t mind the games as long as it felt worthwhile, like it was satisfying what he needed. Still, as they made love in the chilly pines Sandy wondered, not for the first time, how their love games had gotten just so… Well, there wasn’t a better word for it. So weird.

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