What Is Stock Character A Day?

What is this site? I’m not entirely sure either, and that’s the best part. I’m looking forward to not knowing what’s about to happen just as much (in all likelihood, a lot more) than you are. But I can give you some basics at least. Here’s what we know:

Stock Character A Day is a writing project with a few basic rules. Once a day there will be a new post. It will have (at least) one stock photo, and in that photo we will see (at least) one person. That person will be the inspiration for a new character.

And that’s it! We don’t seem to know very much, do we? But the rules are just to get it started. The point is that every day, I’ll produce for you a new character based on a stock image (and we all know how crazy those can be). This may include backstories, small scenes, relationships with other stock characters, and any other goofiness that comes along with an ever-growing cast of misfits that will surely come of this. Beyond that, I make no promises.